Puppy in a Monolith… Sort of…

We here at Touching the Monolith want to apologize for the drought in podcasts of late. It’s probably someone’s fault, but we’re not pointing blame, because that would 1) be admitting there’s a problem and 2) admitting that someone caused it. Since 1) there obviously is an issue or some such and 2) it’s no one’s fault really, we’re just going to post this with a sort of Monolith Style cute puppy picture, and hope that no one gets too upset that we lost a couple episodes and haven’t posted a new one in a bit. We will post another soon-ish. I mean, it’s going to be ep 100, so it’ll probably be special or about Doctor Who, right? You all love Doctor Who. Maybe we should come up with a parody and call it Decor Who. How would that sound?



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