Holy Cat-Tastrophe, Batman!

Ladies and others who read this site,

We have a bit of bad news. Our main recording platform, an old HP Pavilion laptop, has given up its hard drive to the great spirit in a grand self-sacrifice to save me table space. Or, in other words, “it’s dead, Bob.”

In the process of the hard drive failure, we seem to have lost two unfed episodes. We will attempt, probably quite boldly, to recover the data, but the “click, click, click, SCRAAATCH” sound coming from the drive sort of leaves a bleak impression of what we might be able to pull from the drive. We do plan on taking this up to a professional who has better tools than we do (which is saying quite a bit, really.)

Please stay tuned to the website, and to Facebook for more news. There will be more.


4 Responses to “Holy Cat-Tastrophe, Batman!”

  1. Gottoon says:

    Always good to use a professional. I remember having to have some financial data recovered from a drive one time. Cost 5K to get the 55K worth of credit card transactions. It was a fun little project.

  2. jmccliment says:

    I know a guy who does data recovery — if you want, I can get you in touch with him for a quote…

  3. Lejon says:

    Jere, that would be very nice indeed. But first, let’s see what I can do. Hopefully not screw the pooch.

  4. Lejon says:

    This is why I try to keep my financial data on paper. oh, yeah, it can burn, but the odds of a fire breaking out and a hard drive crashing aren’t nearly the same. One is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to happen.

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