“Delays, delays” ~Marvin T. Martian

Kawa'i Eastern Shore, Evening 2016

Kawa’i Eastern Shore, Evening  2016 © Lejon A. Johnson


If you’ve been following this blog (unlikely as that may be,) you may have wondered where all those new changes were. Well, I’ve suffered a severe case of apathy, and this election season isn’t helping.

Lately, I have been experiencing an apathy reduction, and a minor motivation to begin writing again. I’ve had ideas, which can be interpreted as “damn it, no one else is going to write it, so it looks like I’m it.”

These ideas may spontaneously appear on this blog. Should that happen, I will post the dreaded “©”… unless it happens to be fan fic, then I’ll have to figure out how to properly address that issue when I come to it*.

As for my current meanderings in life, I’m still employed (day job pays bills [DJPB]), I’m in the middle of reading Flex by Ferrett Steinmetz (so far so good,)  watching season two of Daredevil (So good. There are no words,) season six of Archer (Did not know how they’d do a season six, but after one ep of it, I’m pleased,) and season two of Avengers Assemble (season one was not great, but season two has been entertaining) on Netflix; season three of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (The hell is going on with what used to be Ward??? AmIright?) on A.B.C.; and I finished listening to the audio book Wild Card by Jamie Wyman (full disclosure, Jamie’s a friend of mine, and her book is awesome.) I wouldn’t say I’ve been busy, but I have been occupied.

Hope springs eternal. I plan to not plan anything, but I will make an effort to be here more often. The updates to the page will happen, just slowly, but posting I think will be more consistent.

Ciao for now.


*Project will likely be marked “Done out of love for the original material, please don’t sue me” or some such.

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