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Dear Doctor Who writers,

This is an open letter to any writers of Doctor Who. This morning I had a dream, I was in that waking state between sleeping after an alarm goes and being fully awake. The dream, if one can call it a full dream which I think it was, was the opening of an episode of Doctor Who.

The opening of this episode was so intriguing to me that when my wife finally brought me to full awake I really wanted to know how it ends. I could not get back to sleep, though. The following is what I remember from the dream:
The scene opens in an enclosed bathtub. To tween-aged girls are in the bathtub obviously scared. One girl has her foot upon the door to keep it closed (the bath door opens inward.) We see shadows on the other side of the door. The girls are telling the shadow to go away. The shadow has a name I can’t recall. One of the girls is repeatedly asking for someone to help. The shadow goes away. We hear the sound of the TARDIS. Through the translucent door we see the big blue box appear.

Cut to the front of the TARDIS. TARDIS is standing next to a tall wardrobe or cabinet for towels. The doctor and companion exit through the wardrobe. It appears as if the TARDIS has had a malfunction in the Chameleon Circuit that allowed it to work partially. In my dream, the Doctor does not react to the change, but that doesn’t make sense. Cut to inside the bathtub, the girls opened the door to peer out and see the Doctor.

The Doctor makes the girls aware he is there to help. The girls take him out into the living room where a children’s sleepover is currently taking place. There are several children sitting on sleeping bags or bedrolls on one side of the room, on the other side of the room there are four heads from large stuffed toys bound with rope about the neck. The bodies of the stuffed toys are not to be seen. The commotion in the room is similar to that of a medieval court of justice.

The children in the room are a coed mix of tween-age boys and girls. There are no parents around. One of the boys, apparently in charge, speaks with an adult male baritone voice. One of the stuffed-toy heads, a wolf whose muzzle has been wrapped with rope, speaks with a child’s voice. The stuff-toy head wolf is protesting its innocence. The boy with the adult male voice seems to be acting as judge. During this commotion, a policeman arrives. The policeman seems to be in on what’s going on.

Run opening credits.

This is what I have. This is all I have to go on. It’s not complete because I decided to write this hours after having had the dream. I still want to know how it ends.

Yes of course, I could write the end myself (and I probably will.) But, I would never get to “see it”. I want to see this on television. It is a well-known fact, that the Doctor Who set of writers is a very closed group indeed. I would first have to become a famous writer then I would have to become asked to write by the production staff of Doctor Who. This is not going to happen anytime soon.

So, if you write for Doctor Who and this intrigues you, please use this. Seriously. This is just the opening premise, the idea, I don’t know how any of the rest of it would happen, I don’t know how it would end. This is just one of those things where I wish the dream would’ve gone on five minutes longer.


Lejon A. Johnson

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